We are Mark and Amber.  The husband and wife team behind the lens.

We don't have any "born with a camera in our hand" stories to share. In fact, Mark didn't really get into photography until he took a class in college (after returning from a deployment to Iraq).  This class ignited a passion for all the technical things pertaining to taking photographs. But our photography journey didn't really start there either! 

Good isn't "good enough." We are constantly pursuing ways to improve and perfect our craft.

Amber’s background is in retail and marketing. She loves being a part of growing companies and takes pride in seeing them flourish with her help. Amber developed a keen interest in photography and videography through her work in retail electronics. These days, her focus is on marketing, business administration, and customer service for Hazel Media, the business that she and Mark own and operate together.

While completing his degree in Graphic Design, Mark began to develop a strong passion for photography. He recognized the critical role of photography in communications and he devoured every available resource to get a firm grasp of the medium – understanding the ins and outs of creating and capturing images and then pushing them to the next level with the newest digital tools. His analytical and studious personality (INTP for those Myers Brigg’s fans) gives him the ability to approach every photo shoot as a unique challenge and a story to be discovered.

Fun Facts

Our kiddos are our world and we are striving to build a legacy they can be proud of.

We love having the freedom of teaching our kiddos at home. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but allowing them the freedom to explore their interests and learn new skills, is worth the effort. 



Amber has an inclination towards learning new skills. In the past 6 years, she has learned to knit, create furniture out of wood, and her newest self-taught skill is making clothes! Three of us are wearing her hand-made hoodies in the photo on the beach!

What Mark is


Mark has been deep-diving into the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. He is passionate about learning what our God given rights are as individual people of the states.

Things we


We love exploring nature with our kids and have recently began broadening our vacations beyond the boarders of Wisconsin. There is so much to be gained from exploring the world around us and experiencing it through the eyes of children! 

what WE


If you put your nose to the grind, be eager/willing to take instruction, and never settle for good enough, you can reach almost any dream/goal!


& Chic

"OPPORTUNITY is             
by most people because it is dressed in                 and looks like              ."





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